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The University of Manchester (UoM) are providing technical support to help SMEs in the region to develop their AI and cyber security capability. The UoM technical team are part of our research software engineering team and have experience in a broad range of data science and AI applications.

The technical team will help to connect companies with academic researchers from Manchester’s Institute for Data Science and AI (IDSAI). Within IDSAI we have AI experts from the University’s Centre for AI Fundamentals, Centre for Robotics and AI, and National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM).

As well as providing technical support, UoM will also host workshops to support small companies and will invite companies to join larger events such as our annual IDSAI conference.


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Meet the University of Manchester Team

Magnus Rattray

Professor of Computational and Systems Biology and Director of the University of Manchester Institute for Data Science and AI.

Magnus carries out research into machine learning and computational modelling methodology with application to large-scale biological and medical datasets.

Danny Dresner

Professor of Cyber Security and Co-director of the Centre for Digital Trust and Society.

Danny’s research is centred around balancing people and technology for effective cyber security.

Effa Ettah

Project Manager

His role incorporates stakeholder management, business engagement, and the overall running of the project at the University. Effa is also involved with the study of AI ecosystem development in Greater Manchester. 

University of Manchester

University of Manchester

University of Manchester

We are very pleased to be able to contribute to this project, leveraging the University of Manchester’s AI and cyber security academic expertise to increase the capability of SMEs in the region. We’ve previously been working with the other project partners through the AI-Foundry project and the CDI provides a natural continuation to those activities.

Effa Ettah