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Lancaster University is supporting SMEs in the region to develop their security capabilities and to prepare for a digital future.

Providing expertise in artificial intelligence, cyber security, immersive technologies and industrial digitalisation, businesses will benefit from the knowledge, technical support and state of the art facilities at Lancaster University to deliver products, services and projects.

Lancaster University will foster collaboration between academic researchers in the Security and Protection Sciences Institute and businesses to equip them with the tools, specialist expertise and opportunities to grow and realise their digital innovation ambitions.

In addition to engaging with businesses, the University also supports students through paid internships to provide them with practical skills and experience as they embark on their careers.

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Meet the Lancaster University Team

Allan Rennie

Professor in Manufacturing Engineering

Allan is the CDI academic lead at Lancaster University. His current research focuses on design for additive manufacturing, industrial
digitalisation of manufacturing processes, tooling and manufacturing process development and optimisation. Allan also co-leads the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) Network.

Dr Rebecca Robinson

CDI Programme Lead

Rebecca holds a PhD in
Electrophysiology for Evoked Potentials and has held numerous programme lead roles in higher
education and healthcare. In her current role, Rebecca provides businesses with access to
cutting-edge technical expertise and innovative solutions to address the challenges they face
around AI, cyber security, industrial digitalisation and immersive technology.

Sam Walsh

CDI Project Engineer

Sam is the CDI Project Engineer at Lancaster University and is based in Research and Enterprise Services. He has contributed to numerous research projects and has participated in international conferences on connected digital manufacturing and additive manufacturing.

Lancaster University

Lancaster University

Lancaster University

“We are delighted to contribute to the CDI project and showcase our extensive expertise to support SMEs to fully embed security capabilities into their strategies. We will help businesses put security at the heart of what they do ensuring the safety and security of their business growth.”