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The University of Salford is providing technical assistance to businesses around the specialist subjects of AI, cyber security, industrial digitisation and immersive technologies to help businesses to transform, innovate and become more commercially viable.

We’re developing an online digital skills portal aimed at senior business managers.

The portal will:

  • Provide inspiration on what technologies are available that could enhance your organisation
  • Help you to understand what skills are needed to implement these new technologies

We’re also aiming to upskill individuals new to digital around the four technologies to enable them to become more employable and look at new career prospects in a changing world.

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Meet the University of Salford Team

Mandy Parkinson

Professor of Business Innovation

Sunil Vadera

Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Ann Mulhaney

Associate Professor of Change Management

Mandy is a Professor of Business Innovation at the University
of Salford, focusing on the development of Innovation clusters that
span the digital and sustainable ecosystems with a passion for
building collaborations to support the Greater Manchester region.

Sunil is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Salford, with expertise in developing innovative applications using AI and machine learning.

Dr. Mulhaney is an Associate Professor of Change Management at Salford Business School. Ann is experienced in building online learning platforms and is an expert in the field of change management.

University of Salford

University of Salford

University of Salford

CDI doesn’t just deliver technological solutions to businesses, it provides a holistic approach to technology adoption, addressing the steps to innovation, the solutions and the skills gap to help businesses in the region truly prosper.

Mandy Parkinson