Programme overview

what does the programme involve?

CDI provides the opportunity for North West businesses to explore what digital innovations are available across artificial intelligence, cyber security, industrial digitalisation, and immersive technology and how embedding these innovations can transform business.

The fully funded programme is designed to help businesses overcome challenges, innovate, evolve and achieve their goals.

Businesses will gain access to workshops, research and development (R&D), technical support and a connected network to develop new products and technologies, create new supply chains, build collaborations and train their staff.

CDI is unlike any before in its ambitions to harness digital innovations. The breadth of partners in the consortium is far-reaching and include industry partners such as Barclays and Siemens, amongst others.

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What do the CDI workshops cover

  • Becoming innovation ready
  • Design sprint
  • Idea screening and concept development
  • Tech and IP webinars
  • Market research and test market
  • Business analysis and product development
  • Commercialistation and post-launch
  • Meet the expert
  • Change management

Joining the CDI programme you will gain access to a variety of resources

  • Weekly drop-ins to discuss your innovation challenges with a mentor
  • An online knowledge base with blogs, webinars, videos
  • Virtual on-demand innovation toolkit
  • Networking opportunities with industry experts, like-minded businesses
  • Closed LinkedIn group of like-minded business owners

By participating in the CDI programme, you will gain valuable insights from the following companies:

Joining the CDI programme you will gain access to university facilities:
  • DiSH

  • Energy House
  • Industrial Control Systems Lab

  • InfoLab21

  • IsoLab

  • Maker Space
  • Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre

  • Neric

  • Pankhurst building

  • Print City
  • The Data Visual Laboratory at the AMB